Month: January 2019


Getting a Personal Loan: How? The Requirements for Having it!

What are the necessary requirements to be able to access a personal loan? They are of two types: the first is linked to the documents and the presence in Italy, the second concerns the financial profile of the applicant. Let’s find out in the details. The documents necessary to request a loan The first step […]


Personal Loans Public Employees

If being employed in the private sector is an advantage for those looking for a convenient personal loan, being hired as a civil servant represents an even more favorable employment situation for those considering the possibility of applying for a personal loan. The advantage derives mainly from the stability offered by the employer.   Working […]


Personal Loans For Housewives

Approaching the activity of housewife to the possibility of obtaining a personal loan will seem to many people a practically impossible enterprise. In reality it is not so, as evidenced by the presence of personal loans for housewives available at many financial institutions and lenders. Loans for housewives: characteristics, amounts and durations Personal loans for […]


Personal Loans for Bad Payers?

Being considered a bad payer until a few years ago was equivalent to the impossibility of accessing personal loans and financial products in general. In recent years, however, this situation has changed considerably, as evidenced by the emergence of several personal loans specifically dedicated to bad payers. Who is a bad payer? According to the […]