Personal Loans For Unemployed!

The need for a personal loan, especially during a period of unemployment , is the most common in the personal loan landscape. However, this requirement often clashes with the element sought by those who offer loans and loans, ie the presence of a guarantee .

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Personal loans for unemployed: what guarantees?

If the guarantee most demanded by those who issue loans is that of a paycheck or a certain income as a pension , it is easy to understand how the unemployment situation can lead to difficulties in obtaining a personal loan. However, personal loans for the unemployed show that in fact obtaining funding is not impossible, provided that we can provide a guarantee of a different type with respect to the salary. The type of guarantee most requested is usually the presence of a guarantor , ie a person other than the applicant who is able to take care of any difficulties in paying the installments of those who have signed the loan.

In the absence of a guarantor, however, different solutions are proposed that vary depending on the financial institution or credit institution that issues the personal loan for the unemployed. Even if not frequently used, in some cases the guarantee required is the signing of bills (exchange guarantee). Some realities that grant credits to this solution prefer the use of a property to guarantee the loan, especially for large amounts or extended repayment periods. Other situations are the constraints on the possible treatment of termination or on life insurance policies already stipulated. In this case, however, it is usually required that the life insurance policy be earlier than a fixed period with respect to the request for a personal loan for the unemployed.

Personal loans for unemployed people without guarantees

A separate discussion deserves personal loans for unemployed people unable to provide a guarantee. Although present, we must point out that this type of personal loan is a minority compared to personal loans, although in some cases there is the possibility of access to low-interest personal loans specially designed for those who must face a period of unemployment. In case of absence of guarantees, or in any case in the event that the unemployment periods follow one another (as happens for example for those who are employed with atypical , occasional or short-term contracts), some financial companies offer insurance linked to personal loans, stipulated to cover any periods of unemployment. In this way both the underwriter and the issuer of the credit have the possibility to protect themselves in the event that the person requesting the loan is unable to meet the subscribed installments.

Periodically, also at the level of local authorities , loans are offered dedicated to the unemployed who reside in a given territory. It would be impossible to consider this type of personal loan here because the conditions and proposals are constantly changing. However, in the event of unemployment it is good to consider this possibility, not to neglect any road for obtaining personal loans.

How to find the loan for unemployed cheaper

From what has been said up to here we understand how the panorama of personal loans for the unemployed, online and through traditional channels, is very varied. As often happens every loan has different characteristics, which vary depending on the company that provides the loan itself and the proposed product . For this reason, a useful tool for identifying the loan for the unemployed is the use of a comparator , the tool that can compare many loans dedicated, selected according to the characteristics and needs of the applicant. Of course, this is not only valid for loans for the unemployed, but also for any other profile, such as retirees , housewives , employees or bad payers .


Personal Loans For Youth and Unemployed

What are personal loans for young people and who are they for? What are the requirements for granting a loan to a boy? Let’s find out with the following guide, with some tips to find the best loan.

Who are loans for young people

A personal loan for young people is obviously a loan that is aimed at people of young age. This concept may seem obvious, but what is not at all is the age within which a person is considered as such. In fact, personal loans for young people have different characteristics depending on the financial or bank that issues the loan itself. In fact, a comparison between personal loans dedicated to young people has revealed how the concept of young people varies according to who issues the loan. We have in fact identified loans reserved for under-30s , loans with an age limit of 35 or loans that are aimed at people who have not yet reached age 40 .

A particular type of loan for young people is that specifically addressed to students or university students ; for this specific type, we invite you to read the dedicated guide on the site.

Characteristics and requirements of loans for young people

Personal loans for young people do not differ in the basic concepts compared to a standard personal loan for the amounts that can be financed . However, in view of the young age of the applicant, funding possibilities are also foreseen in particular situations, such as in the presence of unemployment or absence of a paycheck . It is good to clarify that in reality, even for those who do not fall into the category of young people but are unemployed or do not possess sufficient pay, personal loans can be accessed. However, for those adults who respond to this profile, specific loans are provided, to which we refer for further details.

As for young unemployed people or those without paychecks, dedicated products are provided, which take this type of profile into consideration. In the event that the young person does not have a regular paycheck, for example because he or she does an atypical or occasional job, a guarantee may be required, especially for very large amounts. In this case, the presence of a third person who can assume the role of guarantor towards the personal loan requested by the young person is very advantageous. For example, there are typical cases of parents , but more and more grandparents are also taking on this role, thanks to the possibility given by a regular income such as a pension allowance .

Loan guarantees for young people: the paycheck

As with personal loans in general, the presence of a paycheck is a very important factor in granting a loan for young people. In this case, the presence of a regular income is a factor that positively assesses the financial profile of the young person. Depending on the financial institution or credit institution that provides the loan, it may be proposed to subscribe a fifth transfer , ie a particular type of personal loan that provides for the payment of the installments by means of a payroll deduction, equal to at most one-fifth of the basic pay. In this case the young person does not have to do anything because the employer makes the payment of the installment itself.


Looking for the best loan for young people: factors not to be overlooked

In the search for the best personal loan for young people, it is essential to compare different types of products, traditional or online. The use of a comparator is very advantageous from this point of view, both for the time savings that can be obtained and for the possibility of comparing many loans to each other.

In considering the best loan, we recommend evaluating not only the interest rate applied, but also the amount of the installment envisaged by the amortization plan. Especially in the case of occasional workers it is good to identify a maximum sustainable rate even in periods of unemployment or low employment, so as to avoid situations of inability to pay the loan. For this purpose some personal loans for young people also include specific insurance products , which keep the boy away from the risk of being considered a bad payer for the impossibility of coping with the commitment made.

Personal Loans For Autonomous Workers, Freelancers

How do personal loans work for self-employed workers ? Are there any differences compared to those dedicated to freelancers? What are the documents and features required to apply for a loan? Let’s find out with the help of this guide.

Autonomous and freelancers: loans without paychecks

Let’s start with everything from defining self-employed workers ; this definition means workers who carry out their activities independently, ie not employed by an employer . There are many categories that can be included in self-employed workers; in fact, it goes from entrepreneurs to traders , passing through artisans and freelancers .

In this guide we will often refer to self-employed workers as such, but keep in mind that from the point of view of personal loans the profile required for freelancers is completely equivalent. What most distinguishes the situation of a self-employed person from the point of view of personal loans compared to an employee is the absence of a paycheck or a periodic and guaranteed income (such as pension). This characteristic is what the self-employed workers often have to face in finding a personal loan that matches their needs.

Personal loans for self-employed workers: the required guarantees

Naturally, in the case of self-employed persons, the financial institution or the bank that evaluates the granting of a personal loan can not request the presentation of a paycheck. In the case of a self-employed person, then, in addition to identity documents , the presentation of the last income tax return (such as the last Unico model presented) is required. This document attests to the income situation of the applicant for the last fiscal period and therefore allows the financial or the person issuing the personal loan to evaluate the possibility of repayment of the loan itself, and more generally, the financial profile of the applicant.

Depending on the financial or bank consulted for the personal loan for self-employed, the number of income documents could rise to two. In some cases it is required that in addition to the model is also provided a receipt for the presentation, which can be requested from the accountant or who has submitted the tax return (if this was not sent by the applicant). Some also require that financial spade provided a document certifying the actual residence of the self-employed, such as a ‘user (telephone or energy).

In the event that the income documents are not considered sufficient to demonstrate the possibility of coping with the desired personal loan, the self-employed person may be asked for further guarantees , which may vary from the request of a guarantor for the personal loan, up to taking charge of movable or immovable property to secure the loan.

What does the granting of a loan to self-employed people depend on?

The granting of a personal loan for self-employed workers, as well as for freelancers , depends on several factors. First of all, the financial profile of the applicant is fundamental. In fact, even for freelancers and the self-employed in general, the feasibility of the loan is assessed by consulting the databases that collect the profiles of those who have requested or obtained loans and loans in the past. If the self-employed person is considered a bad payer , the granting of a personal loan could be more difficult than those who are not considered as belonging to this category.
Additional factors that are taken into account before the granting of a loan are the income situation as shown by the tax documents and the period of activity of the self-employed worker. In fact, the longer the period of stay on the market in the same activity, the greater the probability that the loan will be granted.

However, the parameters listed above do not represent absolute values ​​valid for all financial institutions and banks. In fact, each credit institution applies methods of granting personal loans, which may therefore differ from the conditions and characteristics required by a different financial institution.
For this reason, even in the case where a personal loan for self-employed workers has been refused , we always recommend contacting a different institution. In fact, there are several reported cases of refusal of a loan by a financial institution, later accepted by other banks. Very useful for the identification of possible lenders is the use of a comparator , which allows you to identify the personal loan that best suits your needs considering also the online offer, usually very interesting also for loans for self-employed workers and to freelancers.

Loan with proxy


Image result for proxy loan artThe Loan with Delegation is a type of loan that allows you to get the cash you need in a short time, it will not be necessary to provide special guarantees and is not a loan that involves bureaucratic complications.

The Loan with Delegation will allow you to buy or renovate your home , make the journey you want, change your car or do as much as you please.

Are you a private or public employee? For you there is an extraordinary opportunity reserved, in fact you can even if you already have a transfer of the fifth in progress to access the loan by proxy or double-fifth .

But let’s see together:

  • How does this type of loan work?
  • how much can I get?
  • I am a pensioner can I use it?

What is the loan with proxy

What is the loan with proxy

  • Subjects involved in the loan with proxy
  • How much you can get with the loan by proxy
  • How long is the loan with proxy
  • Loan insurance with proxy
  • How the loan is delegated and repaid
  • Loan with proxy and assignment of the fifth: possible coexistence
  • I am a pensioner can I use them?

The proxy loan is a particular loan that provides to transfer a portion of your salary to the person who has the credit, this will allow you to repay the debt.

The loan with proxy has characteristics very similar to the transfer of the fifth, in fact there are many aspects that equal them: you will repay the debt through direct deductions from the paycheck, the maximum value that can be transferred is one fifth.

Therefore, we can affirm that the loan with delegation acts in a similar way, ie you have the possibility to bind up to two fifths of the salary , thus going to add the share of the transfer already under way with the payment delegation!

Subjects involved in the loan with proxy

Image result for proxy loan artAfter having clarified the different similarities with the financing by means of the transfer of the fifth , we see together who are the subjects involved in the loan by proxy.

In this type of loan three distinct subjects are involved:

  • the applicant representing the debtor, who will have to surrender one fifth of his net pay to the creditor;
  • the bank or financial institution that represents the creditor, ie the lender;
  • the employer, who will be responsible for retaining the amount set by your monthly salary.

How much you can get with the loan by proxy

Establishing the maximum value obtainable thanks to the proxy loan is not immediate and standardized, in fact the amount will depend on how much you perceive as salary and the commitments that are in progress.

How long is the loan with proxy

One of the main advantages that characterize the loan by proxy is the duration, in fact it can be extended up to 120 months or 10 years.

This long period of time allows you to spread the debt in a large repayment schedule, thus obtaining mini-installments that will be deducted from your salary, so the applicant will have a subsidized loan .

Loan insurance with proxy

The loan with proxy as well as the assignment of the fifth, provides insurance coverage. This coverage serves to protect and protect against life risks and the risk of loss of employment.

The cost of these policies is usually deducted from the total funding at the time of disbursement, but can also be financed within the loan itself.

How the loan is delegated and repaid

The disbursement of the loan with delegation, takes place with a cashier’s check or through a bank transfer to the indicated current account, which generally corresponds with the account to which the salary is credited.

Read: Cession of the Fifth INPS

As far as the repayment of the loan is concerned, as anticipated by direct deduction in payroll , with monthly installments, the limit value is one fifth of the net salary.

Loan with proxy and assignment of the fifth: possible coexistence

It is a common practice after entering into a practice of Cession of the Fifth to activate the loan by proxy.

Attention to access the Loan with proxy is not necessary to activate the transfer, in fact you can directly access even without “passing” for the sale.

To conclude, we would like to point out that it is important that the sum between the installments of the loan by proxy and those of the transfer of the fifth should not exceed 50% of the salary.

I am a pensioner can I use them?

Unfortunately, pensioners can not access the Loan by proxy, because the pension institution of reference allows only one deduction inherent to the assignment of the Fifth.

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Loan Now Even Without Envelope


Loan 1000 euros

Loan 1000 Euro Now also without fast online payroll

Do you need to get a sum of money immediately? You will then need to find a quick solution that will allow you to get the cash you need in no time. Surely you will be looking for a 1000 Euro loan as you need money urgently, but beware a very valid and reliable solution are the Urgent loans .

I need urgent money: the need to receive a loan is very common, in fact every day there is a strong demand from users, here are some examples:

  • I am looking for an urgent loan from a private individual
  • soon money to private right away
  • I need money urgently
  • I’m looking for money from individuals
  • I need 1000 euros
  • I need money right away
  • individuals who lend money

Let’s see together how to get a loan of 1000 euros.

In order to receive a loan, you can proceed with the “classic” methodology, or by going to a bank or a financial company and making the request there, this is a solution that provides a rather slow procedural bureaucracy than the alternative solution that could be option of instant online loans. In fact online, there is a process of granting the desired value that is considerably reduced and slimmer.

How to apply for a loan of 1000 euros

By connecting to the official website of the selected bank or financial company, you have the possibility to send the request for funding, this will allow you to receive positive feedback in a few hours or not on the feasibility of accessing the product.

The next step that the applicant will have to make, if he receives a positive feedback, is to send as soon as possible the documentation required by the credit company so as to allow him to proceed with the process concerning the investigation of the loan application, only after having inserted all the documentation will the final outcome be obtained on the granting or not of the requested credit. This decision is at the sole discretion of the bank or financial company.

Loan 1000 Euro friends and relatives

To get a loan quickly, you can choose to go through different ways such as through the banking channel or financial companies, but it is good to pay the utmost attention.

Would you like to borrow or receive money from friends or relatives? It can be done by making a bank transfer, but you must follow precise rules.

We refer in a more specific way, to the loan from immediate private, as we need to obtain an immediate sum such as 1000 euros, or a small sum on loan.

Obviously if you need liquidity immediately, and there is a private person available to lend money in the day is certainly one of the quickest solutions to cope with the lack of liquidity, this solution can save on the value of interest compared to a loan with the bank or with the credit institution. Generally, a percentage of interests contained or not agreed between the parties. For this type of loan we recommend contacting a trusted friend or a close relative, so as to avoid having bad surprises.

Loan 1000 euros between individuals

Social lending is a credit channel that allows access to direct loans between individuals, this type of loan does not involve the involvement of banks and financial institutions. You can access instant loans between individuals, even by connecting to the internet on the appropriate regulated platforms.

Subscribing online urgent financing between individuals is a valid alternative to products such as the extremely urgent loan. But, how should we proceed?

Applicants on specialized platforms can apply for urgent loans, it is a 100% online method, this creation is based on a community where applicants (who requires a loan) and lenders (who invests a sum of money and decides to lend it to others) can communicate directly with each other, without intermediaries.

On the various available online lending portals, the lenders offer and make available their availability, indicating:

  • the amount they wish to lend
  • the duration of the loan
  • the desired rate
  • the type of Applicants to whom it intends to finance the amount

To diversify the risk, the offer is divided into several parts: let’s see an example: the lender who offers € 500 will lend to 10 different applicants € 50 each.

Loan between individuals for those who need a loan of 1000 euros

Making a request and collecting a loan between private individuals is usually inexpensive and is also very simple, this will allow us to face the need for liquidity.

Let’s see how to do it: you have to send the loan request in the online platform, if the requesting user is in possession of the creditworthiness requirements requested by those who offer the loan, will be included in the marketplace.

The loan will be received by the applicant directly in the bank account, this is possible because at the time of the request it is necessary to provide the Iban. Lenders in recognition of a previously established interest rate, will see their capital divided into unit shares of 50 euros, this practice is carried out to diversify the lenders portfolio, also it is useful to optimize the return and to reduce the risk.

Benefits urgent loans from individuals if you need a fast loan 1000 euros

Social lending, thanks to the support of the marketplaces, have more advantageous interest rates than banks, so the total cost of the urgent loan is lower, given that the intermediation costs are almost zero. Making requests for urgent loans between individuals involves signing, through channels other than classic credit lines, an unsecured personal loan.

The marketplace is administered by authorized companies, in the loan between individuals, there are no branches with offices in the territory, so the cost to bear is represented by the management in putting in direct contact the applicant or the person who urgently needs liquidity and lenders or those who will provide a sum of money.

Loaning between private individuals is fundamentally a mix between supply and demand, so it is of fundamental importance that there are a number of suitable lenders on the marketplace in order to cover the credit application. This type of loan began to be used in 2005, today we can consider it an alternative financial product that develops on a large scale.

For this reason it can be found on private lending platforms that initially have a low and slow growth rate, but subsequently with the passage of time there will be adequate levels of productivity. This feedback will only be obtained if it is convenient for lenders to borrow money on the platform with a low interest rate.

The social lending service is safe: the companies that administer the platform, have the task of verifying both the identity and the financial situation of the applicants and lenders, they also ensure that all comply with the regulations.

In addition, companies provide the necessary assistance to their customers. Attention in case of default of the applicant, the lender is not protected by guarantees.

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