6 Creative Portrait Photography Hacks in 2 Minutes

Ready for some quick DIY tips? A team of French photographers who go by the nickname “Shooter”Put together a simple photo hack video that offers some creative ideas for your next portrait shoot.

Let’s take these one at a time.

1. Aluminum foil bottom

Don’t have (or want to use) a standard portrait background? Try crumpling and hanging foil instead, then add some colored gel to your flash. The pop of color will appear in the reflection of the foil and create a unique and shiny background.

2. Foreground tin foil bokeh

Once you are done with your foil bottom, fold it up and cut it into foil confetti. Then have someone sprinkle it in front of your model as you shoot with a relatively open opening. The fuzzy leaf pieces will catch the light from your flash and add a touch of foreground to your shots.

This, by the way, is our favorite tip of the bunch.

3. Bokeh LED lights in the foreground

If you don’t have an assistant or don’t want to clean up pieces of foil, using some of those tiny copper wire LED lights that are so popular these days is another great option. of bokeh in the foreground.

Put back a strand or two (or six) of a C-holder, or hold some yourself in front of your lens. The results are quite dreamlike.

4. DIY cinematic snoot

A popular trick (for good reason), use a foam board to make a DIY snoot with barn doors for your off-camera flash. This way you can shape the output of your flash and create some neat effects like the one above. You can also go a little further by …

5. Add a window pattern to your snoot

… By cutting a kind of window pattern out of an extra piece of foam board and placing it at the end of your snoot. It’s exactly like the cookie jar trick of yesterday, except that Shootr chose a “Windows 95” theme for theirs.

6. First water jet plane

Finally, the last tip is to fill a small spray bottle with water and use it to add some foreground interest. If you want an extra pop of color (and a real mess to clean up) add some food coloring to this water and play around until your flash catches the mist just right.

And that’s all! Check out the 6 tips at the top to see them in action, then head over to Shootr’s YouTube channel for more photography tips, gear reviews, and other great videos.

Image credits: All photographs provided by Shootr and used with permission.

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