9 mobile photography tips for better travel memories

Cool tips on how to become a pro at photography so you come back with some great travel photos.

Bombay: At every moment in the lives of millennials going to social media, photography has become a passion as well as a powerful tool for self-expression. Travel photographer and Instagram influencer Naveen Soni (@thenaveensoni), shares with Deccan Chronicle some mobile photography tips and tricks to create a hubbub on your social feed.

Download the manual camera app with the ability to capture raw images: It helps you while editing to adjust exposure, highlights, shadows, white balance and even cropping without losing quality. It is also useful in low light, to increase exposure by reducing the shutter speed or increasing the aperture. If you click on food photos with selected focus and blurred background, the manual app allows precise focus.

Manual application allows precise focus when clicking on food photos. (Photo: Insta @thenaveensoni)

Carry a mini tripod or gorillapod: This will help you take stable photos when you lower the shutter speed in low light. You can also record basic footage or even beautiful time lapse videos. A tripod can also be used to take light trails at slow shutter speeds. If you are carrying a gorillapod, it is lighter and can be used on uneven surfaces.

Gimbal for professional quality videos: It is of great use to record steady shots while walking or in a moving vehicle. It will give you cinematic panoramic shots that can change the game of your videos. You can control your phone’s settings via Bluetooth from the panel near where your hand holds this device. If you want to record home videos while on the move to show things off, the “object tracking” feature continues to move your gimbal mounted phone accordingly.

Use the gimbal for shots like fast motion and cinematic panning.  (Photo: file)Use the gimbal for shots like fast motion and cinematic panning. (Photo: Insta @thenaveensoni)

Use the smart watch as a viewfinder: Download apps that preview the phone’s camera. This is useful when placing the phone in strange positions, especially when taking low-angle or low-angle photos. It is also good when the phone screen is not visible in extremely bright lighting conditions.

Get up early for sharp photos: It’s no secret that shooting early in the morning or at sunrise gives good, soft golden light for great shots. However, another dimension of early morning shooting is that you get crisp photos with few people around to distract the viewer’s attention from the main subject. You can also avoid photobombers at this time.

Use a torch instead of the camera flash: When clicking on an image in the evening with a well-lit background such as a bridge or structure while in a low light area, it is imperative that your face / body is properly lit. Most people end up using a flash which gives a burnt effect on the face and darkens the background almost completely. The best way to solve this problem is to use the torch in a friend’s cell phone to get constant low intensity light instead of a sudden burst caused by the flash.

Activate GPS: If you’ve found that cool spot for a perfect photo or view to gaze at somewhere during a ride, the GPS coordinates stored in your photos help you make recommendations to friends and family. It’s also easy to organize your shots based on location.

Plan your locations and outfits: While unforeseen trips provide excitement, there are some preparations to be made to capture memorable photos. In addition to looking for photo-worthy spots, wear clothing that contrasts with the background rather than blending into it. It can be a real deal breaker.

Keep your phone charged and carry the power bank: If the smartphone is your primary source of image clicks, this is very critical. If you like video shooting, which quickly drains the battery, then take a power bank. The last thing you want is to have a dead phone.

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