ACC Art Books: Peter Fetterman: The Power of Photography

Pierre Fettermann is a friend of ours, through the pandemic he created The power of photography, sending daily a photograph with a text written by him. Every day was gluttony, pleasure, learning… Regularly we published in L’Œil a column grouping 10 of his choices and you loved it, like many others. Lo and behold, the book has arrived! There are very few books on photography that achieve definitive, perhaps even seminal, status.
Well, I believe this is one of them. Enjoy!

The power of photography lies in its ability to evoke emotions beyond the barriers of language and culture. This selection of iconic images, compiled by a pioneering collector and gallerist Pierre Fettermanncelebrates photography’s unique capacity for sensitivity.

Peter has been an advocate for the photographic arts for over 30 years. He runs what is arguably the largest commercial photography gallery in the world. During the long months of confinement, Peter “exhibited” one photograph per day, accompanied by inspiring texts, quotes and poetry. This digital collection has struck a chord with followers around the world. The power of photography features 120 outstanding images from the series, along with Peter’s insightful words.

This carefully curated selection offers an inspiring insight into the medium while paying homage to the masters of the art. From the bizarre Boschian fantasies of Melvin Sokolsky to the haunting humanity of Ansel Adams’ family portraits; from Miho Kajioka’s interpretation of traditional Japanese aesthetics to Evelyn Hofer’s joyous everyday scenes; from the rare interior shots of famed nude photographer Ruth Bernhard to Bruce Davidson’s melancholic depiction of young men playing ball games in a street; this book brings together some of the most unique and encouraging photographs of the 20th century. Each image is a time capsule, giving us a glimpse of days gone by. Yet each photograph also speaks of tranquility, peace and hope for the future.

Pierre Fettermann
began as a London-based filmmaker and collector, before opening his gallery in 1994. Focusing on humanist photography, it is one of the most important collections of 20th century photography in the United States. The Peter Fetterman Gallery hosts famous images from a wide range of photographers, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Steve McCurry, Ansel Adams, Paul Caponigro, Willy Ronis, André Kertesz, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Lillian Bassman, Pentti Sammallahti, Sarah Moon and Jeffrey Conley.

Peter Fetterman: The Power of Photography
Published by ACC ART Books
pages: 256 pages
Cut: 7.87″ x 9.06″
ISBN: 9781788841221

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