Albany Area Arts Council to Host Photography Exhibit

August 6—ALBANY — Local photographer Belinda Vickerson will have her first solo exhibition at the Albany Area Arts Council this month.

“People, Places, & Things” opens Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Arts Council, located in downtown Albany inside the historic Carnegie Library. Vickerson is a portrait and fashion photographer who has lived and worked in South Georgia for over 10 years. The exhibition presents his work from this period.

“I’ve always been drawn to beautiful things,” Vickerson said in a press release. “The best part of growing up in Alaska was being able to immerse myself in the beauty of the natural landscape. Photography gave me the means to capture that beauty and share it with the world.

“As I grew in my art, my vision expanded to more than nature. I realized that I also found beauty in people, inanimate objects, architecture and much more. This exhibit is a collection of beautiful moments. Important moments and milestones in my career as a photographer in South Georgia; from landscapes of local parks and waterways to some of my favorite fashion portraits. J hope that by viewing the exhibit, people will enjoy the trip as much as I do.”

The exhibition will continue until September 22.

The Albany Area Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to empower artists, build diverse connections, provide educational opportunities, and champion innovation and creativity. equality in the arts and humanities.

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