Albany snappers flourish in A-Team photography group

Albany’s Ally Jayne Croston has loved photography since she was a child, but didn’t have the confidence to share her passion until she joined Team A.

The A-Team is an ACE Camera Club Albany photography project that helps people with disabilities hone their skills and get involved with a thriving local club.

After forming six months ago, the group held their first exhibition at the Vancouver Arts Center earlier this month, titled Photography is Awesome.

Camera iconPhotographer Ally Jayne Croston. Credit: Sarah Makse / Albany Advertiser

Croston said joining the group had helped him hone his skills and led him to his first paid photography job taking family portraits.

She is now considering starting a photography business.

“I think the group is very good for people with disabilities to be able to go out and move around the community and learn not only about yourself but also how to use a camera,” she said. .

“It gives me confidence. My brother says my camera is my super power. I have anxiety and autism so it helps me get over it.

Photographs exhibited at the Vancouver Arts Center.
Camera iconPhotographs exhibited at the Vancouver Arts Center. Credit: Sarah Makse / Albany Advertiser

ACE Camera Club president Bob Symons said it didn’t take long to discover the raw talent of Team A.

“They all have this real ability to see unusual things, and that’s what makes them beautiful,” he said.

“We help them get the right composition and exposure and look for new things.”

Photographer Elizabeth Hudson.
Camera iconPhotographer Elizabeth Hudson. Credit: Sarah Makse / Albany Advertiser

Mr Symons said the group’s enthusiasm for the craft was contagious, with ACE Camera Club participants and volunteers having formed a strong bond over the past six months.

“Anyone can come to the club and enjoy it,” he said.

“A lot of the group was sort of isolated before because there was no way to go out and do any photography.

“Now the club gives them the opportunity to join us, go out and mingle with everyone, learn and teach us a few things too.”

Photographer John Watkinson.
Camera iconPhotographer John Watkinson. Credit: Sarah Makse / Albany Advertiser

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