Dog photography ideas that can help you take the best candid photo of your dog

The animals are adorable. They entertain their owners with their every move. Pet owners love to constantly click on their photos. Owners also like to click on those rare selfies with their pets sometimes, if they can keep their pet still.

So, to help you get the perfect photo or selfie, here are some dog photography tips and tricks.

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A Guide to How to Take Pictures of Dogs

Relax before clicking on a picture

Animals are experts at understanding emotions, and they perceive such changes fairly well. So if you create a stressful atmosphere for both of you, you will receive the same reaction from your pet. Relax and your pet. Play with them, pet them and then take a photo.

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Focus on the eyes and expressions

As the eyes are the most expressive part, when shooting, it is recommended to focus on the face, especially the eyes. Puppies can be very emotional and their happiness or grief can be seen through their eyes. Keeping the animal’s eyes in focus can help make the image even more real.


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Get rid of the clutter first

Always pay attention to where you plan your shooting location. Make sure it’s a clutter-free place so your pet can enjoy the place. It might also help take some candid photos of your pet bouncing around in space.

Pull into their world

Choose a location with natural light. Also try to take a photo at their height. If you stand up and take the picture, the picture would not be perfect depending on your pet’s size and the background you selected. If the camera is tied with the dog, the dog’s world would look more real in the photo.

Outdoor photography

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Be flexible and stretch first

The more flexible you are, the more you will be able to capture a candid image. Experts say dogs don’t prefer to stay in one place for a long time in the same pose. You would have to make them wait and then reach their height each time to take a good photo. It would help if you are flexible enough to bend over and get the right shot.


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