Inexpensive photographic tricks to be resourceful without resources

No art is a science, and that includes photography. But photography requires a delicate combination of innovation and diligence, and so, for many of us faltering financially or otherwise, cheap hacks to level up are essential.


Like all art forms, photography can be extremely expensive, and if you’re new to it, you’ll need to fill your photography toolkit with a few inexpensive tips. Here are a few to get you started.

A lightweight tent / box is the easiest cheap hack in photography

A lightweight tent is a box or tent intended for diffused lighting from all angles, left open at one end so you can point your lens and capture the subject. It works great for product photography as a cheap hack.

You can make your own with sections cut from a cardboard box with tissues or tracing paper attached to each side.

Creative backgrounds let you unlock new inspiring photographs

When it comes to backdrops, the more creative the better.

You can use a clothes rail and shower curtain, metal streamers, or create your own backdrop for your product photography.

Add a reflector to your photography tool kit

If you’ve turned on all the available lights and your pals have brought out their cell phone cameras and it’s still not enough, maybe it’s time to add reflectors to your photography toolkit.

Mirrors will work well enough, but foil or metallic wrapping paper wrapped around a piece of cardboard and supported by two chip clips can help soften and strengthen the light in the right direction.

Make your life easier with a flash diffuser

A monumental cheap photographic hack, a flash diffuser can be your best friend. Try something light and opaque that easily adapts to your camera flash. It will work well to soften the flash.

Try using an x-acto knife or craft knife to cut the length of the side of a film container or plastic bathroom cup to slide it over your flash when it is too hard, so that ‘it does not reflect strangely on the faces of the subjects in your portrait, which would make them oily or greasy.

Filters take your photography game to the next level

Inexpensive photography hacks to create your own filters will help you avoid spending money on expensive editing software.

Try stretching tights or other translucent fabrics on or around your lenses, such as lace or a wool scarf. You can also wrap the edges of your lens with a plastic bag to create soft highlights.

Photographers need inexpensive hacks to increase their creativity. Never get discouraged when trying something new.

These inexpensive photography tips will definitely get you started. Try to experiment and see if you can find some of your favorites!


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