Master macro photography on your Samsung Galaxy phone with these tips

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Macro photography isn’t talked about often enough from a smartphone perspective, although it’s been slowly changing in recent years as more and more manufacturers, including Samsung, are starting to put dedicated macro lenses on their phones.

Samsung has a huge list of mid-range and budget phones with dedicated macro cameras. Macro shots are also possible on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra, two of the company’s best flagship phones in recent years, thanks to autofocus support on their ultra-wide cameras and a software feature that Samsung calls Focus emphasis which is triggered when you approach a subject.

Macro photography emphasizes minute details such as textures and patterns and can transform typically boring and uninteresting subjects into captivating works of art. You can take macro photos of a variety of objects, such as flowers, insects and bugs, fabrics, water droplets, and more!

Here are some tips to help you get the best macro images possible with your Galaxy device:

  • Find an interesting topic, something small that we don’t observe closely in everyday life. Be creative!
  • If possible, try to position your subject in good light. If there is too much harsh light hitting the subject, you can use a piece of paper in front of your light source to soften it.
  • Be sure to position your phone so it doesn’t cast a shadow on the subject.
  • As you can with ordinary photos, you can adjust the exposure to make the image brighter or darker by holding your finger on the screen and using the exposure slider that appears.
  • And finally, be sure to take lots of photos of the same subject to get the perfect result!

Here is also an additional tip: you can always use a small tripod and take a photo using the timer so that there is no shake or blur. This is especially important with macro photos, as getting so close to your subjects often means it’s much harder for the phone to maintain proper focus and even a little movement can lead to blurry photos. You can also use third-party accessories, such as the Lume Cube Mini LED Light or the Xenvo Pro Lens, to make your shots more professional and get even closer to what you’re trying to capture.

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