Morrison Hotel Galley spotlights women in photography – NBC New York

A notable recent gallery in New York, co-curated by award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg and singer-songwriter Debbie Harry, celebrates women who have made an impact in media through art and activism.

The Morrison Hotel Galley hosted around 125 people for the opening of “WOMEN WHO ROCK”, which took place on International Women’s Day.

“For Women’s Day, we try to highlight all the female musicians we admire who have paved the way,” said Marcelle Murdock, director of the Morrison Hotel Gallery.

The showcase features more than 100 images from the likes of Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks and Lauryn Hill, in addition to highlighting the work of many female photographers, including Ebet Roberts, Amalie Rothschild and Charlyn Zlotnik.

“We always try to represent female and male photographers equally, and we’ve hired many more female photographers over the past two years,” Murdock said.

Although only a few photos from this display are currently viewable at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, all photos are still available for purchase.

The gallery’s upcoming photography exhibition titled “No Vacancy: A Tribute to Hotel Chelsea and Sunset Marquis” will premiere on Thursday, April 28 and features the work of more female photographers.

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