Opening of a new photography studio in Pigeon

Fae Laume Photography will officially open its new studio in Pigeon today, offering residents a new option for taking professional photos.

Amanda Scott, the woman behind the new studio, is from Midland and has been an award-winning professional photographer for nine years. She is a member of several photography organizations, such as being a member of the Michigan Professional Photographers Board of Directors and Director of the Great Lakes Institute of Photography.

“When I was little my grandfather was a truck driver and I went with him,” Scott said. “I always had a camera with me. My grandmother told me that photographs are memories for when you forget, so I took pictures of everything.

Scott originally had a home studio on his farm in Midland, but lost all of her equipment when dams near Midland collapsed in May 2020 and flooded the area. She also had a studio in the village of Sanford which was destroyed by a flood in 2017.

After the 2020 floods, Scott had to borrow equipment from other photographers at organizations she is a part of as she continued to offer photographs in Bay City.

“It really helps to be part of an organization,” Scott said. “They all got together and let me borrow equipment until I was back on my feet. I never stopped doing it.

When choosing a location for her new studio, Scott had looked at many locations and ultimately went with Pigeon, as she currently lives on Haist Road with her family, felt it was going better than other towns and called the village a city of mark.

“I thought I would support the city for people to support me,” Scott said. “I grew up in a very small town outside of Midland, so I understand that mentality.”

Scott’s new studio occupies a space that was once an art studio at 19 S. Main St. in Pigeon. Once everything inside the space is figured out, she plans to offer art classes once a month for children and adults.

Scott offers all kinds of photography options, ranging from families, babies, the elderly, weddings, and professional portraits. Six different configurations are inside for guests to use.

“It’s a one stop shop for all facets,” Scott said. “I don’t specialize in one thing or another.

Scott already had a smooth opening for his repeat customers who weren’t bothered by the new location. She plans to open the studio for vacation photos and will be available seven days a week for shoots.

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