Take photography seriously with 74% off editing apps

Any artist knows that it is easy to see a work of art in his mind; the trick is to make other people see it too.

If you’re not a photographer, you might think there’s a pretty straight line between finding the perfect shot and getting it on screen or on paper. But the more you work with a camera, the more you realize that the work doesn’t stop when you click that shutter button. Developing an image is part of the job, and that means today’s photo editing software is just as vital as the camera.

If you are looking to take your images to the next level, there are plenty of options. Fortunately, this Everimaging 3-in-1 Photographer’s Bundle for Windows offer makes the decision a little easier.

Every studio photographer needs a good editing tool, and Beautune does the job, whether you’re playing with or tweaking that crucial wedding photo. Like all Everimaging software, it is easy to use even if you are unfamiliar with other editing suites. Smooth out wrinkles, recolor eyes and even reshape facial features with just a few clicks.

The set also includes Photo Effect Studio Pro, which can turn simple vacation shots into panoramic masterpieces with an array of filters and textures. The options are endless when it comes to exposure, adjusting shadows, and other settings.

Finally, access HDR Darkroom 3, the new Everimaging tool. It’s here that you can turn shaky images into clear images with intuitive alignment tools, or turn good photos into stunning works of art with an arsenal of HDR styles.

PCMag readers can take advantage of it with the Everimaging 3-in-1 Photographers Bundle for Windows, selling for $ 49.99, or 74% off the MSRP of $ 199.

Prices subject to change.

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